Tuesday Tea Time with Claire

Truth About Givers

Inevitably, every teacher at their core is a giver. Even our roots tend to be cascaded down from a long lineage of givers. However, there seems to be an unsaid and ignored tragic flaw that we all poses that takes some form or another. To a fault, we always make more time for everyone else than ourselves. Our greatest strength also appears, at times, to be our greatest weakness. 

As teachers, we tend to struggle with setting boundaries for ourselves. We struggle not to take work home with us (physically and of course emotionally). We all love what we do. We love our students and we are willing to make time for everyone else before ourselves. As a community of teachers, we have a tendency to neglect our own needs by forgetting to make time for ourselves to just relax and enjoy life outside of teaching.

Especially at the end of the year, I know I’m guilty of ignoring my own physical and emotional needs. My body usually shuts down on me and of course, I wind up getting sick which leads me to falling behind at work and having even less time to take care of myself. Let’s face it teachers, when we aren’t at our best, we can’t teach at our best. 

Cheers to going home on time today. Cheers to not taking any work home tonight.  Cheers to doing something just for you. Cheers to finding the balance and making ourselves a priority. Take a few moments to relax and enjoy your tea. You deserve it.